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Popular Services: Desktop/Laptop, Network/Wireless/Internet, Server, Wiring, Printer, Telephony/VoIP

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IT Field Services

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Smart Home Installation

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TV Mounting

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Residential IT Services

Complete Home Technology Solutions

At Aurasius, we understand that modern homes require a blend of traditional and advanced technological solutions. Our residential IT Services are designed to cater comprehensively to your home’s tech needs.

WiFi and Networking Solutions: We provide expert services to ensure your home network is robust, secure, and offers seamless internet connectivity. This includes setting up and maintaining WiFi networks, ensuring optimal coverage and performance throughout your home.

Smart Home Installation: Our team specializes in installing and integrating smart home devices and systems, enhancing your living experience with convenience and efficiency. From intelligent lighting and thermostats to home automation, we create a connected, responsive home environment.

Computer Support: We offer a range of computer support services, including software installations, virus removal, system optimization, and general troubleshooting. Our goal is to keep your home computers and devices running efficiently and securely.

TV Mounting Services: Additionally, we provide professional TV mounting services. Our technicians ensure safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing installation of your televisions, enhancing your home entertainment experience.

With Aurasius, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a technologically harmonious home. Whether it’s ensuring a strong internet connection, setting up a smart home ecosystem, maintaining your computers, or mounting your TVs, we are here to make your home tech-savvy, comfortable, and convenient.

Aurasius Residential
Aurasius need quality IT Support Technician

Business IT Support Services

Empowering Your Business with Nationwide, Reliable IT Solutions

At Aurasius, we understand the critical role technology plays in the success of your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of IT support services designed to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Same Day Onsite Support ensures that expert assistance is just a call away, no matter where you are in the US, catering to urgent IT needs with promptness and professionalism.

For businesses seeking remote technical guidance, our Smart Hands service provides expert solutions without the need for an onsite visit, perfect for quick fixes and guidance.

Additionally, our IT Field Services cover everything from routine maintenance to complex installations and troubleshooting, all performed by our team of skilled technicians who are committed to minimizing downtime and enhancing your business’s productivity.

With Aurasius, you have a reliable IT partner that covers 95% of US ZIP codes, ensuring that wherever your business is located, top-tier IT support is always within reach.

IT Support help in any location, nationwide

Does your business do 8 or more Onsite IT Support dispatches a month locally or nationwide?

We have you covered

Aurasius® provides On-Demand IT Onsite Support Services and Workforce Solutions for OEM’s, VAR’s, Data Centers, multi-site companies nationwide.

  1. On-Demand instant scalability to help you achieve your cost and operational effectiveness.
  2. Assistance when your own resources are unable to perform Same Day and Next Day services.
  3. Tools to eliminate the cumbersome management of multiple vendors in different regions.
  4. On-Demand IT Field Support Services and Workforce Solutions for OEM’s, Data Centers, multi-site companies nationwide.
Aurasius nationwide IT Support for larger business and multi-location companies

Nationwide Coverage

We Serve Your Location

We have skilled IT Support/Services Technicians in 95% of US ZIP Codes.  We can get the job done fast and you can be more responsive to your customers.

We have skilled IT Support/Services Technicians in 95% of US ZIP Codes.  We can get the job done fast and you can be more responsive to your customers.

Onsite IT Support – Popular Cities

Onsite IT Support – Popular Cities

Albuquerque  |  Anaheim  |  Atlanta  Austin  Bakersfield  Baltimore  |  Boston  |  Charlotte  |  Chicago  Cincinnati  Cleveland  | Dallas  |  Denver  |  Detroit  |  Fort Worth  Fresno  |  Houston  |  Indianapolis  Jacksonville  Kansas City  |  Las Vegas  Lexington  Long Beach  Los Angeles  Louisville  |  Memphis  Miami  |  Minneapolis  |  Nashville  |  New Orleans  |  New York City  Oakland  |  Oklahoma City  | Orlando  |  Philadelphia  Phoenix  Pittsburgh  |  Portland  Raleigh  Riverside  Sacramento  San Antonio  San Diego  San Francisco  San Jose  |  Seattle  |  St. Louis  Tampa  Virginia Beach  |  Washington DC

What our clients say

What our clients say

We greatly appreciate all the assistance and help you have provided me over these many years.

Your dependability and high quality service are outstanding and very impressive compared to other service providers.

I am confident I will continue to need your help for many years to come!

Shawn J.

Freelancer, Work From Home

Our entire support team over at Aurasius have been extremely professional and easy to work with.

They are always responsive and are always willing to go the extra mile to meet our clients needs.

Partnering with Aurasius has helped us save time and reduce cost with improved performance and security.

I highly recommend Aurasius for any company with IT needs.

Jeff L.

Senior Manager IT Field Services, IT Outsourcing Company

I want to thank you for the quick response, the excellent service and follow through you provided this week.

You understood the urgency of the IT issues we were facing and you gave us all of your attention as though we were your only client, although I am well aware that is not the case.

The service was not just timely, but was performed in the professional manner that we have come to expect from Aurasius.

Alberto G.

President/Owner, Insurance Agency