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Small Business IT Support


The one-stop shop for Onsite IT Support for small businesses.

Small Business Owners

Whether are experiencing an issue with the WiFi, your computers are running slow, or you have another IT problem, don’t waist your time or your employees valuable time troubleshooting.

Instead turn to the quality and experienced IT technicians at Aurasius.

Experienced and skilled technicians can be immediately dispatched to your place of business to assist you with the following:

  1. Small Business Server Installation and Maintenance
  2. Mobile devices setup and configuration
  3. Wireless Router, WAPS & Firewall Configuration and troubleshooting
  4. Data Backup
  5. Retail Point of Sale (POS) setup/configutation and troubleshooting
  6. Technical support
  7. Defragmenting and cleaning of PC/Laptop hard drives
  8. Upgrading operating systems
  9. Software installation on PC’s and Laptop’s
  10. Printer and copier troubleshooting
  11. Network performance optimization