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IT Support in San Jose, CA

IT Support, Built for San Jose

Are you looking for IT Support in San Jose at the right price?

We know what you are going through and we’re here to help.

Aurasius® proudly serves the IT Support needs of the small and medium businesses in the San Jose Area. We understand the day to day challenges of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Our philosophy is that our customers should be focused on running their core businesses – and not their technology. That’s where we come in.

We offer 4-Hour Response for critical issues from server issues to network outages for the San Jose Area companies.

Popular IT Support Services in San Jose

Desktop / Laptop

Network / Wireless / Internet


Telephony / VoIP

Wiring / Cabling / Fiber

Other Categories


Audio Visual

Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Server Hardware/Software

Site Survey - IT / Wireless

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How It Works

Book a service

It is free and easy to book a service online.  Simply describe the issues you are experiencing or your IT project, upload any documents or pictures; and schedule a time.

Or call us at 813-474-7688 and we will be glad to book an appointment for you.


One of our Technology Specialists will evaluate the issues you are experiencing and will recommend if a Technician need to be disptached to your home/office or the issues can be resolved online.

Then an appointment will be set with an experienced Technician.

Peace of mind

Your satiscation is our number one priority.

For your peace of mind if the same problem returns within 30 days after our technician has completed his or her service, we will gladly fix it at no charge to you up to the number of hours spent on the issue (s).