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Is Aurasius available in my area?

We have skilled IT Support/Services Technicians in 95% of US ZIP Codes.  Most likely we are in your area.

What are your hours?

Our Technology Specialists are available to assist you book a service from 8:00am to 9:00pm local time / 7 days a week including Holidays.

How do I schedule a service?

We offer three easy ways to book a service.

  1. Book a service directly on Aurasius.
  2. Chat with a Technology Specialist.
  3. Call (800) 931-6088.

How soon can I schedule a service?

For service at your office/home.  We can have a Tech at your place of business in 4 hours or less in most cities.

Why did Aurasius cancel my Service Request?

Sometimes all of the Technicians in a certain area are booked and we are unable to dispatch a Tech.  If a different date and time are not convenient for you, Aurasius will cancel your Service Request.

Contact Aurasius Customer Support if you have any questions about your cancelled Service Request.

Can I cancel my Service Request?

You may cancel your Service Request for any reason.  Click here to check our Cancellation Policy before you cancel.

Does Aurasius offer a Labor Warranty?

For your peace of mind if the same problem returns within 30 days after our technician has completed the service, we will gladly fix it at no charge to you up to the number of hours spent on the issue(s).

Can I request the same Tech for subsequent visits?

We understand that sometimes you feel comfortable using the same Tech.  Yes, you may request a specific Tech if he/she is available for the date and time you requested and that Tech is skilled in the specifics of your Service Request or project.

When will my Tech arrive?

Your Tech will arrive at the date and time you requested.

Why is my Tech late?

Sometimes Techs are late due to unforseen situations such as traffic, weather, previous Service Request took longer than anticipated.

If your Tech is going to be late, you will be notified of the delay.  You may request a new appointment if the delay is longer than 30 minutes.

Payment Terms

Payment is expected at the completion of the service.

For Enterprise clients payment terms may be extended to them at Aurasius discretion.

Can I pay for the service by check or cash?

At this time we accept only credit cards as a form of payment.  However if you are a Aurasius Enterprise customer, payment terms may be extended to your company.  Then you can pay by check if you wish.

Can I tip my Tech?

Tips are not accepted but if you feel that your Tech met or exceeded your expectations, you may leave a performance feedback for your Tech.

How am I billed for service?

For Onsite Services, you will be billed an initial charge for up to two hours of service and thereafter in 15 minutes increments.

Paying for the service

At the completion of the service we will charge the credit card you provided when you booked the service for the Tech’s time onsite and any materials used plus any applicable taxes.

Billing questions

If you have any billing questions, call our Customer Care Team at (800) 931-6088.

What is the cancellation fee?

Click here for the cancellation fee and to review our Cancellation Policy before you cancel.