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Managed IT Smart Hands

On Demand Support 24/7

An Aurasius® IT Smart Hand is an experienced and industry certified professional who performs field level support tasks for hardware, software or network infrastructure. Smart Hands are your “Onsite hands and eyes extension” of your Centralized Internal Support Team.

These friendly Technicians can perform instructed tasks independently or work in conjunction with your Centralized Internal Support Team.

Aurasius® Smart Hands are commonly used to provide support for Servers, Personal Computers (Desktops & Laptops), Printers, Networks (appliances and infrastructure), IoT and Peripherals.

The Aurasius® Smart Hands Services are available nationwide.

Managed IT Smart Hands Advantages

Save Time & Money

Deploy our friendly local professionals to help your Centralized Internal Support Team instead of sending internal full time resources out to the field on trips that are both time consuming and costly.

Same Day Dispatch

Resolve your case in hours instead of days and weeks by enabling your Centralized Internal Support Team to immediately dispatch a Technician. Aurasius® Smart Hands are available On Demand in every U.S. Metro region and many remote areas.

Single vendor

Benefits of partnering with Aurasius®:

  1. Simplify Accounting by processing one invoice.
  2. One vendor process to learn and use.
  3. Uniform Billing Rates nationwide.
  4. Centralized Dispatch.


Aurasius® Portal application enables you to:

  1. Request Technicians instantly.
  2. Follow up on open requests.
  3. Do escalations.
  4. Communicate and share pertinent information with Technicians and vendors.
  5. Review deliverables.
  6. Access to all prior tickets/requests in one location.